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David Sammarco: Lead Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Harmonica
Dave has written all the songs on the four released, DSB CD’s. He also fronted, many local Bands including, DESERT FLOWERS and THE BOSS TWEED BAND. Dave’s career in Music started as him playing solo show’s where he sang, played Harmonica and Guitar, all over New England. Many of those shows were up in cozy Taverns and Lodges nestled in the Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine. Dave has written over Three Hundred songs to date and has created his own publishing Company entitled: GERONIMO 69 MUSIC, which recently launched a Bill Wence cut: SOULMATE, on his Latest album,
SONGS FROM THE ROCKY FORK TAVERN.  To listen, please visit:

Dave also has been hosting HONKYTONK NITE at SALLY O‘BREINS Pub in Somerville Massachusetts the second Friday of each Month successfully since 2002, Featuring local Americana/Roots/Alt.Country Bands from all over New England.

Some of Dave’s favorite Artist’s include, Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, Johnny Cash, Buck Owns, Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Bottle Rockets, Ryan Adams, Hank Williams, Social Distortion, Son Volt, Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Earnest Tubb, Chris Whitley, Junior Brown, The Derailers, Old 97’s, The Byrds, Patsy Cline, Black Keys, Black Crows, Tom Petty, The Replacements, Rolling Stones, Black Keys, CCR, Santana, Sonny Boy Williamson, Jimmy Reed, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Dave has a tremendous passion for Roots/Country Music as he feels it’s a genre that truly speaks to people; it addresses many of the issues and problems of everyday life that most of us can relate to. Dave says, music is a healer, for example, you may listen to a certain song and say to yourself, hey, I guess I’m not the only one who feels that way, etc!!

Dave is also a Professional Chef, having graduated from Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute. He has won National Awards for his Cable Cooking Programs, as well as awards for his Chili and BBQ. He has made several Television Appearance’s, and featured in several National Publications, including People Magazine. He has plans to launch his own line of Sauce’s, Spice’s & Rub’s and a complete line of Cookbooks.
Dave is also available for Catering as long as his band is not booked that particular date.
For more Information on Dave’s Catering and Culinary ventures please visit:

Dave can be e - mailed directly for Music or Food Concerns at:

Thank You for your interest and God Bless!!!

Billy Carr: Drums
Billy grew up outside of Syracuse, NY where he started playing drums at nine years old, began songwriting at 13 and started performing and recording professionally at 15. After several years of playing with a variety of upstate New York bands and touring regularly from Boston to Buffalo with regional power pop act The Miamis, he relocated full time to the thriving Boston band scene in 1985.
Over the last twenty years Bill has added session musician, backing vocalist, recording engineer and producer to his resume working with local and national acts from the Northeast. Included among his many bands of the past are: The Miami's, Rumble Club, Dog House, Mr. Stones Country, Date With Jan, Cash Monies and the Jetsetter, Dead Beat Dads, Sawbuck, Spike and the Lady Killers. In addition to The Dave Sammarco Band, Billy can also be seen playing around the Boston area with Blood,Sweat and Gears and Mayberry.
Past Highlights include being in the opening act for bands diverse as
Johnny Thunders, Jason and the Scorchers, Bryan Adams and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band during the 80's Guitarist Gary Moore, Mojo Nixon and hair metal band Gunn during the 90's Playing at the 1993 WBCN Rock N Roll Rumble with Mr Stones Country. And in the new millenium, playing at the Historic Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond, VA with Gerry Jeff Walker and Bill Kirchen. Opening for Commander Cody many times with Blood Sweat and Gears.
Barry Edwards: Guitar
Born in Newcastle on Tyne England, Barry and his parents migrated to the USA seeking a better life in the 60's eventually settling in the snowy steel town of Dunkirk N.Y. At age 15 he started playing in the blue collar clubs and dives entertaining the local factory workers and anyone else who would dare to venture in.
Moving to Boston in 83 he soon started playing with local acts and has been active on the Cambridge / Bostoncircuit ever since.
Some of the acts he's played with:
Lou Miami and the Kozmetix, Deniros, Left Nut, Ten Star General, Magdalenes, Lucky 57, Dennis Brennan, Jake Brennan, John Lincoln Wright,Dave Foley, Kenny Chambers Cash Monies and the Jetsetter and now The Dave Sammarco Band!

Scott Baerenwald: bass guitar and vocals
Scott and Dave go way back. Scott, who has played with Robin Lane, is an original chartbuster would make appearances with Robin on Dave's music Cable show "Cable Spotlite" which was big in the early to late 90's. Scotts sense of rhythm and timing is superb.

He is a very tasteful Bass player with vocals to match. Again, a very appreciated and welcomed addition to DSB. As well as playing with Robin Lane and the Chartbusters, Scott has also played and toured with the original "Archies," Bill Munroe," Willie Alexander," and "the Boom Boom Band." Just call him Mr. Rythm!

Nicky Milona: guitar
Nicky has been playing in bands since his early teens. During the 1990’s he was in various blues bands and averaged over 150 gigs per year throughout the Northeast. In recent years, Nicky wood-shedded country guitar techniques and is now excited about “twanging and banging” with Dave and the band.

Chris Sciuto: drums and percussion
Chris and Dave have been playing together since 1994. He has been compared to Charlie Watts of the fabulous Rolling Stones. Again, I'm talking about timing, nuances, and tastefullness. Mr. Scuuto takes the cake. Thanks Chris for all the many dedicated years of service, looking forward to many more!

Steve Latt: fiddle, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo
Steve joined DSB back in 2001. The first time Dave heard Steve play that "Appalachian Lament" on his fiddle I knew I had to have him on my side. Steve also excels at mandolin, pedal steel, guitar, and banjo. He and Dave also tour as a duo as well as in a trio format.

Steve has also performed with Robin Wright,Melvern Taylor, Morgan Keating, as well as fronting his own band "Astral Park" back in the early 90's. Nonetheless Dave is quite happy to have Steve in his line-up. He is what one might call a finish carpenter or the icing on the cake!! Let's also congratulate Steve on his brand new baby girl "Emma."


Jimmy Scoppa: Electric Guitar (telecaster)
His nickname is "Mr. Tele." No one plays a telecaster like Jimmy Scoppa. He plays with a fine tuned precision with all the little nuances and accents that make us musicians get tingly inside!!

Again, Dave is gabberflasted to have Jimmy in his line up. Jimmy has also played with "TH and the Wreckage," "John Lincoln Wright," "Stan Martin," and "Terry Bright." Cool, Clean, Smooth telecaster, that's Jimmy Scoppa!


Drew Townson has been playing guitar since the 1970’s. Originally drawn to Southern Rock, Country Rock and Blues, Drew has stayed true to his American roots.

In recent years Drew has fronted the Texas surf style instrumental band, The Derangers, as well as Americana band, The Tullamores. Drew also did a stint as lead guitarist in the award-winning Americana outfit, Lucky 57. You could say Drew loves to twang!


A note from David Sammarco: I wish to thank all my Fans every where, from Clubs all over, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, Maine, Vermont, Italy, Florida and Tennessee or anywhere else for their support. I cherish all my heartfelt memories of meeting new friends during those beautiful and sunny summer days. Huge thanks and praise to anyone who has heard me sing at any of the aforementioned venues, and extended me a kind word or two and a clap of your hands. How I long for those Summer Days so I can see you all again.

Massive thanks to all my Camp friends for lending their ears (and drinking my beers, lol) around my fire pit up in the Breathtaking White Mountains of New Hampshire. I want all of my fans and friends to know just how special it is to have your support and friendship. Many of you I see as Family, and you know who you are, and I know who you are. Without fans and people to listen to my music, is like being an Artist with no one to view your work. My fans breath life into my songs, the first person who listens to a newly written song is pretty much the God Mother or God Father of that song. When I write a sad song, and that song makes someone cry, that to me is a huge compliment. Not the fact that I made them cry, but because the person could relate to the song and emotions I was feeling that compelled me write that song. I initially starting writing to heal myself. Then somewhere along the line I found that others were also being healed through my songs and to me that is truly a wondrous and beautiful thing. I again thank you all for listening. Dear lord please let the healing continue for us all.

I say this of my band members in regards to my songs, I only lay the foundation, I rely on my talented and much appreciated Band Members to do the Finish work, they are my finish Carpenters. That’s why I invite them up to my Camp in the summer, cook for them at each practice session and make sure that the refrigerator is stocked with a nice assortment of soft drinks and a modest supply of libation. I wish to thank you all for visiting this website and look forward to meeting you in the near future. Thank you Mom and Dad for making all of this possible, you were my best friends. Rest in Peace with the Lord.

Thank you God for the World in which we live. Thank you Jesus for watching over us all. Thank you Mom and Dad for being my best friends and bringing me into the World. Thank you Dad for
listening to my songs. Huge Thanks to my Family and Friends for believing in me. God bless you all and all of yours. DS

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